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Cedar Benefits

The superior benefits of building with cedar have been known for hundreds of years. In fact, as a roofing or siding material, nothing outperforms Western Red Cedar. Its natural qualities enable it to resist the elements better than any other material available. Insulation: Cedar saves on energy bills. As an insulator, cedar can provide from 2 to 5 times the insulating value of other materials.

Fire Retardant: Cedar treated with FTX® is the industry standard for fire safety. FTX was the first fire retardant treatment that successfully passed the Underwriter's Laboratory 10-Year Natural Weathering Test.

Preservative: We also offer cedar shakes and shingles pressure treated with CCA preservative. CCA protects wood against fungal decay associated with high heat and humidity conditions found in areas such as the Southeast. This treatment has proven to prolong the life of cedar roofing or siding.

Strength: While most roofing materials add weight to a structure, cedar shakes and shingles actually improve the stability of roofs and walls. In wind tunnel testing, cedar shake roofs have withstood winds in excess of 130 miles per hour.

Stability: The natural recovery of cedar's wood fibers makes it durable in regions where other materials fail. Cedar provides superior protection against hail, as well as thermal shock (repeated freeze and thaw conditions) that causes some roofing materials to crack, break, and subsequently leak.

Weight: Cedar is a smart choice for earthquake danger areas because it weighs as much as 75% less than most tile roofs.

Value: As the premium roofing and siding material, cedar is the preferred material for finer homes. As a result, homes covered in cedar can command a premium price.

Warranty: Transferable warranties are available on untreated as well as FTX and CCA pressure treated cedar roofing products. As they vary according to the particular product used, please inquire for details.

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