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Additional Information and Specifications

Qualified Product Listing
FRX wood is also listed as a Qualified Product by the U.S. Navy (MIL-L-D2898).

Model Specification
To download a model specification as a modifiable MS Word document, click here.

An editable model specification is provided here as a convenience to architects and design professionals to ensure that products purchased for a given project meet their intentions. Model specifications typically include criteria defined in building codes and industry standards, but may also include additional characteristics, such as warranties, third-party certification, and special properties, to provide desired features.  As such, this model may be edited.  We present it in electronic form as a service in order to save time and paperwork for specifiers.

FRX® wood has been tested in accordance with ASTM D 143 and MIL-L-1914OE.  Following are the design value adjustments for FRX wood. 


The treatment has little effect on the color of the lumber.  Deposits of FRX fire retardant solution may appear on the surface of wood (“efflorescence”) or exude from the edges of plywood during drying (“intumescence”).  This is a result of injection of adequate chemical to achieve desired fire protection, and is considered normal.  On most species, discoloration is barely noticeable. 

Marks made by stickers, used to separate the layers of lumber during the kiln drying following treatment, will be noticeable on lumber.  For structural use, this is not objectionable.  The pressure treatment and subsequent drying may result in a slight waviness in plywood; for normal applications this is not objectionable as the plywood can be straightened when nailing. 

FRX exterior FRT wood, when specified, can be special ordered with the good face free of sticker marks.  Slight irregular water marks may at times show on such material. 

FRX® FRT Wood: Species and Sizes

Acceptable Species

  • Lumber: Douglas fir, hem-fir, southern yellow pine, western red cedar, and spruce/pine/fir are currently available.
  • Plywood: Douglas fir, southern yellow pine, and spruce/pine/fir.
Lumber and Plywood Sizes
All common sizes of most construction species of lumber and plywood can be treated with FRX® fire retardant. Size is generally limited only to the treating plant’s ability to treat, dry and handle large members.  All thicknesses of plywood can be treated.  The treatment is also effective for logs, siding, and laminated veneer lumber. 

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